Lucy Got Lucky

Lucky ain’t the captain of the football team
Lucy’s not in contention for homecoming queen
Ain’t no mistakin’ them for Marilyn or James Dean

Lucky got a camero when he turned sixteen
He picks up Lucy every night, she lives on Bailey Street yeah
Somehow they beat the system and they got away clean

Yeah Lucy got Lucky
Don’t you worry about Lucy, man, she’s doin’ alright
Everyone’s a winner, now ain’t that cool
Lucy got Lucky but Lucky got lucky too
They don’t worry about the future, no,
they don’t worry about the past
They’ve got Cupid riding shotgun and a full tank of gas

They ain’t concerned about climbin’ to no higher class
So another Molly Ringwald, well she finds her Judd
As for certain members of the Breakfast Club,
Here’s hopin’ we all find that kind of love

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus
(Lucy got Lucky)
Don’t you worry about Lucy, Man
She’s doin’ alright