Give me tonight

Give Me Tonight – 2010

1. Heart Like A Stone – Lyrics
2. Leavings Not An Option – Lyrics
3. Give Me Tonight – Lyrics
4. Welcome Back – Lyrics
5. Till I See You Smile – Lyrics
6. For The Music – Lyrics
7. The Favorites – Lyrics
8. Looking for A Sign – Lyrics
9. Lucy Got Lucky – Lyrics
10. Welcome Back – country version – Lyrics

I thought I would give you a little song history for the new project “Give Me Tonight” which is now available at your local retailer and online music retailers, as well as directly from this website.

Heart Like A Stone
This song was originally written as a ballad a couple years back and I had forgotten about it to be honest.  I was going back over some of my older catalog and the song stuck out but I didn’t need a ballad so after a little re-tooling it became a mid up-tempo song that actually turned out fairly traditional country.  I thought it was a good choice for summertime single.

This song was recorded in summer 2009 with Producer Dave Kalmusky in Toronto at Phase One Studios.  We got to work with some great musicians like Gary Craig on drums, Jon Dymond on bass, Steve O’Connor on piano, Shane Guse on fiddle, Dave Kalmusky did guitars and we even had Amanda Wilkinson sit in to do harmony vocals.  The same artists performed on Leavings Not An Option and Give Me Tonight with the exception of harmony vocals on Give Me Tonight which were provided by Jake Leiske.

Leavings Not An Option
Is the first of three songs on this album that I co-wrote with the legendary Don Schlitz.  For those of you that don’t know, Don wrote “The Gambler” for Kenny Rogers, “Forever and Ever, Amen” & “On The Other Hand” for Randy Travis, “When You Say Nothing At All” for Keith Whitley & Allison Krauss in addition to at least 20 other top ten singles.

I was very proud to get the chance to write nearly 40 songs with Don and this one came to the top of the pile when I was looking back through the catalog.

I feel like it is a really honest but still positive look at what day to day relationships are really like.  It is not all hearts and flowers, but it is not all doom and gloom either.

Give Me Tonight

This is the most recent of the songs that I wrote for this album.  It was completed in mid-2009 just before the recordings sessions in Toronto.  I feel like it is an 80’s rocker that still managed to be built for country radio.  Long live Rick Springfield.

Welcome Back
Was actually done as part of a project we had with the city of Saint John, New Brunswick in 2008.  The city was looking to attract former residents back to the area to fill numerous positions that several economic opportunities were presenting.  I suggested the song Welcome Back by John Sebastian which was of course made famous as the theme song for the 70’s hit TV show “Welcome Back, Kotter.”   We filmed a video for the song in August 2008 which the city uses at various functions and which you can now see on my website or YouTube.

The project actually led to several surprising events for me such as meeting with one of the original creators of Welcome Back, Kotter, about the possibility of a TV series being built around the idea of a semi-successful musician moving back to his home area from Nashville, to auditioning for a part in a Disney movie, to being named “Ambassador for the Province of New Brunswick.”  It was an all around great experience, I am glad we took on that project and am happy with the version of the song we did.

Till I See You Smile
Was included on the now out of print album Who Says You Can’t? I always felt it deserved the chance to be a single and it may end up being the fourth one off this package.  It is a down the middle power ballad with an upbeat message.  To be honest I don’t have that many of them.

For The Music
Was a top 20 single from a past CD Who Says You Can’t? which I still get many requests for at live shows and is probably my favorite traditional country single of my career.  This package is now the only place this single is available, so enjoy!

Looking For A Sign
Is the first of 3 semi-acoustic tracks on this CD and is the second song on this CD that I wrote with Don Schlitz.  I feel like it is a nice mid-tempo story song with a very sing-able chorus.  If it does its job, it paints a vivid picture of the indecisiveness we can feel in relationships from time to time.  I like the broken down production that Dave Kalmusky did on this track.

The Favorites

This is the last of the three Don Schlitz co-writes on this record.  Don says this is one of his favorite songs in his entire catalog of songs, so that is a huge honor for me to be part of.  It is one of the strangest and sweetest songs I’ve ever been part of all at the same time.  I love that at 3:40 this seems to go by really fast and hopefully leaves the listener wanting to hear it again.

Lucy Got Lucky

Was a top 10 hit from 2004 which was included on my Greatest Hits package from Warner Bros. Nashville label.  With that package now out of print, Lucy was not available for sale anywhere so I thought a new version would satisfy the many people who request it both at live shows and via the Internet.

Welcome Back – country version
This one is a result of the previous talks with the creator of Welcome Back, Kotter about using my version of the song in a new TV series.  He thought the version I presented could be even more country therefore adios electric guitars, hello steel!